The Mansion of E is a strange and complex structure, or rather a collection of structures, perched high on a cliff overlooking a Specific Ocean. On the other three sides besides the cliffs, it is surrounded by a ruin-strewn forest, which is dominated by a very tall structure known as the Spike. Underneath the Mansion (more or less) there is a system of tunnels and caverns that goes down... well, a heck of a long ways, clear to The Hot Zone. There is also a small village nearby, but at the moment that is little more than a background detail. This strip is my attempt to detail the intertwined lives and struggles of the area's numerous inhabitants, only a handful of which are Human. It's not easy; things can get very complicated and chaotic. And wander aimlessly off onto extremely long tangents, with weird machinery crumbling in the background.. PICTURE OF THE MANSION
But anyway. The E in the title does stand for something which, at the time you read this, may or may not have been revealed in-strip. For the record, there is absolutely no relation whatsoever between the Mansion and a certain popular recreational chemical. I probably should have chosen something different, but I think "E" sounds good, and I'm pretty much stuck with it anyway. If you want more information and speculations, check out the Mansion of E Wiki, which is run entirely by and for fans. (Yes, this ramshackle monstrosity has fans!)
While there is no human nudity, overt sex or rave drugs allowed in the Mansion, the strip regrettably does feature individuals resorting to physical violence to solve interpersonal disputes, and some visitors have been known to employ slightly salty language. It is all sorta PG rated. You have been warned.

The strip should in theory be viewable with any of the various webbrowsers and at any screen resolution of 800x600 and above, but the Comic Genesis set-up sometimes causes a few hiccups. I personally use Firefox. The site will also look much better if your webbrowser can handle Cascading Style Sheets and a dash of Javascript, but I assume all of them do that anymore.


My art is never going to win awards, but I think it does get better as you go along. More experience, better selection of dialogue fonts.. You may notice particularly sharp quality fluxuations early on; I created a percentage of the very earliest strips several months before the rest, and posted them elsewhere on the WWW. I then transferred to better digs here at Comic Genesis (at the time Keenspace), reposting some entries while completely redoing or adding others.

For anyone interested in the gory behind-the-scenes technical details... I create the strip (and all the "art"work here on this website) entirely on my home computer using a drawing program called Paint Shop Pro. I would recommend it without reservation to anyone who is looking for a good relatively low-cost alternative to Photoshop, but.. the copy I use was produced years ago by JASC Inc. before they got bought out by Corel. No guarantees on how well the newer versions work, and I've heard disturbing rumors. I do my HTML editing with Crimson Editor. Almost all the fonts I use are freeware, although I finally coughed up the money for the quick n' dirty creation of my special 'narrator/timestamp' font.

Do you want to know about me? Not much to tell. I'm a balding slacking Gen-Xer who lives in the Pacific Northwest and still somehow enjoys drawing cartoons on his computer.

But that's enough jabbering on my part. Sit back, wear your mining helmet at all times, and enjoy the long strange trip.

While I thank my parents, and all the other positive influences over the years that led to this strip's creation, (hey sis!) I dedicate it most especially to Gharlane and Cronan, for being who they were.


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