This page is where I gather some of the art I've done for other webcomickers
and the art that's been sent to me in return. Thanks again to all who
have contributed to this page, one way or another! Be aware that many
of these strips are no longer updated. If there's a strikeout through an entry, the link is completely dead.

Mansion of E Guest-Art and Crossovers

Rosemary and Sylvester
discuss Uncle Hindenburgh.
Drawn by Roland Lowery of Role of the Die.

Rosemary as a collectable gaming card.
(Click on "The Heroine")
Assembled by Rodrigo Pin of Alex and Ilia

Rosemary and Sylvester discuss the
infamous Don't Push Button.
Drawn by Tom Truszkowski of Station V3

A general overview of the Mansion
and its inhabitents, or as close
as one can come to such a thing.
Drawn by The Loser Hero of Twice Destined

A sci-fi version of a ghast.
Appears in DocBrown's A.I.

The humans and the gnolls pay a brief visit to a nudist colony. Contains NUDITY. Which is only unusual for the humans, but still..
Appears in Stephen Crowley's Loxie and Zoot

Comshaw pays what seems like a very long visit to the Grind Cafe.
Appears in Phact0rri's Decypher

A portrait of Rosemary.
Drawn by NJ Huff of Emergency Exit

Some Good Advice.
Drawn by Simon Sheperd of Netrek

Rosemary competes in a sword tournament.
Appears in Michael Brockaway's Swords Are Cool

The Operator goes on his Daily Rounds.
Drawn by Ymmot of Bob

A Sketch of Rosemary.
Drawn by The Loser Hero of Twice Destined

Rosemary Ripley: Femme Fatale.
Drawn by Roland Lowery of Role of the Die

A visit to the South Park universe.
Drawn by Arthur Levesque

Rosemary (and Sylvester).
Drawn by Will Ritter of Thatguy

Sylvester attends the Prom with Laura from the webcomic Beyond Reality.
Drawn by Orion Gates of Beyond Reality

A suspiciously cheerful Rosemary.
Drawn by Carissa Neuharth of AlexBeaZoe

A Group Portrait.
Drawn by Ymmot of Bob

Rosemary goes on a date. Sort of.
Appears in Jason Siebels' Anywhere But Here

Rosemary and Sylvester discuss how some things never change.
Drawn by W. M. Sonnenburg, of A Hole In The Sky

A portrait of Great-Uncle Frederick.
Drawn by Eunice P., of I Come From Mars

A Halloween costume swap.
Drawn by Tim Volpe, of Alternate Delusions

The Mansion of E has everything.
Drawn by Ian Jay, of Try Everything Once

An unusual visitor to the forest, even by Mansion standards..
Drawn by Tom Truszkowski

Another Rosemary portrait.
Drawn by Vorticus, of Playing With Knives

A week or so of "1000th strip" fanart.
Drawn by Roman Wunderlich, of The B-Movie Comic
Kat Lowry, of Distant Eras
N. J. Huff, of Emergency Exit
Orion Gates, of Beyond Reality
D. M. Jeftinija, of Legostar Galactica
Tom Truszkowski, yet again
G. L. Gillen, of Squid Ninja

Two "Secret Santa" pieces from Christmastime 2006.
Drawn by Andrey Pissantchev, of Annihilicious and
JessicaRaven, of Triquetra Cats

Rosemary Vs. Edgar.
Drawn by Roland "Jim" Lowery, of G For Genesis

Having a blast in SubShaft 44f.
Drawn by RH Junior, of Tales of the Questor

Mortimer & Beaver Shark and Rosemary & Dornbeast.
Drawn by Cope, of Cerintha

Hector Vents and Nunsuch visits World O' Pots.
Drawn by Parables, of Esthar Gate

Halloween costume swap, 2008.
Drawn by G. L. Gillen, of Squid Ninja

Santa in the Basement, 2008.
Drawn by Marko Fithian, of Roomies

Rosemary briefly opens the wrong door.
Appears in Ana I.G.'s Flying High and Low

Santa in SubShaft 44f.
Drawn by Tim Volpe, of Alternate Delusions

The Festival of the Brush, 2009.
Drawn by Rob Lopez, of Forsaken Stars

Mr. Lopez also drew some MoE character portraits.
Again by Rob Lopez, of Forsaken Stars

A realistic version of a Gnoll and a Gobule.
Drawn by Whitehound

The day everything changes.. however briefly.
Drawn by Tom T. of Station V3

MoE trick-or-treating costumes.
Drawn by Sergio J. A. Ragno III of Thirteenth Child

Mansion overview.
Drawn by Dragonkingdoms of Dawn of a New Era

A wandering trio.
Drawn by Michael Dellheim of Prepare to Die

SubShaft weirdness.
Drawn by Tom T. of Station V3

MoE Halloween costumes, 2011.
Drawn by akascooby of Flying Tigers

Helipath baseball.
Drawn by William Chrapcynski of Binary Souls/Other Dimensions

MoE Halloween costumes, 2012.
Drawn by VeryCuddlyCornpone of Loud Era

Mortimer gets a present from Santa.
Drawn by Stretch Longfellow of Spoofy Randomness

Rosemary Vs. Dornbeast.
Drawn by Cope of Cerintha

Protagonist Portrait.
Drawn by Whitehound

Comic Genesis Halloween party 2013 one two three
Drawn by akascooby of Maelstrom Heart
IVStudios of Inhumation
VeryCuddlyCornpone of Loud Era

A very angry Frederick.
Drawn by Nikolai McFist of Charles & Viktor

My Art For Others

A visit to the Lost Soul Reclaimation Department cafeteria.
Appears in Susan S.'s Constant Flux

Explaning the Bernoulli Effect.
Appears in Ryan Kolter's Reasoned Cognition

Izchak the shopkeeper tries to sell a sword.
Appears in Orion Gates' Beyond Reality

A possible source of certain rumors.
Appears in Station V3

Role-playing worlds collide.
Appears in Roland Lowery's Role of the Die

Why a portrait of War hangs in
the E family portrait gallery.
Appears in Ewan Baird's Digital War

The ultmate gift for the Infocom fan in your life.
Appears in Adam King's Philosophy Bites

I did the art for a Emergency Exit comic, following creator NJ Huff's script.

Back when we were Keenspacers, we frolicked together during Keensummer 2004.
Hosted by Grace Smith of Because Of Math Class

Celebrating Zeera the Space Pirate's third birthday.
Appears in NoemZ's Zeera the Space Pirate

My contribution to a Porn Jam.
Contains PORN.
Appears in J.P.Sloan's Sawdust

For Halloween, I added a room to the Keenspooks Mansion.
Hosted by Spacejams

Also for Halloween, I contributed one of the members of this group portrait.
Appears in David Parrish's The Losers

If you want some Xmas-season MoE wallpaper
for your computer, you have two choices:
"full-sized" .bmp, which will fill your screen
or a "half-sized" .bmp with lots of blue space.

Also for Christmas, I contributed an ornament to this tree.
Hosted by Corgan Dane of Many Tidings Grim

Imposters are sometimes tripped up by the smallest details.
Appears in Jonny Deutsch's Deus Ex Magica

The greatest Christmas present ever.
Appears in J. P. Sloan's Sawdust

A variety of Seasonal Greetings.
Appears in Carissa Neuharth's AlexBeaZoe

A portrait of Vicki the AI.
Appears in Al Schroeder's Mindmistress

Tontaku the frog loves fan-art!!
Appears in Keon Brown's Angry D. Monkey

Encountering the truly alien.
Appears in Station V3

A troublesome talk-show guest.
Appears in D. M. Jeftinija's Legostar Galactica

A sadly typical moment for Sir Ohforf'sake.
Appears in Gianna Masetti's The Noob

Fabulous Seervision.
Appears in Hayley Price's Those Destined

A visit to a slice of Ancient History.
Appears in Legostar Galactica

Celebrating Zeera the Space Pirate's fourth birthday.
Appears in Zeera the Space Pirate

My half of a Halloween costume swap.
Appears in Tim Volpe's Alternate Delusions

Christmas ninja style.
Appears in G. L. Gillen's Squid Ninja

A truly challenging security simulation.
Appears in Station V3

Celebrating Zeera the Space Pirate's fifth birthday.
Appears in Zeera the Space Pirate

Celebrating Distant Eras' 100th Strip.
Appears in Distant Eras

Two guest strips for Christmas 2006ish.
Appear in Mikyagu and NSTA

A major paradigm shift.
Appears in Station V3

Celebrating Zeera the Space Pirate's sixth birthday.
Appears in Zeera the Space Pirate

Christmas! ROWR!.
Appears in Emergency Exit

Curse you, Freddy the Space Narwhal!
Appears in Station V3

Celebrating Zeera the Space Pirate's seventh birthday.
Appears in Zeera the Space Pirate

Halloween costume swap 2008.
Appears in Squid Ninja

The One Who Knows, at Christmas.
Appears in Arne S. & Eric W. & Co's Union Of Heroes

Two Pieces of Secret Santa art for Christmas 2009.
Appears in..
Rob Lopez's Forsaken Stars
Chuck Gonzalez's Some People's Children

Something truly alien, version 2.0
Appears in Station V3

Halloween 2010
Created for Thirteenth Child

Halloween 2010 #2
Appears in Forsaken Stars

Secret Santa 2010 #1
Appears in Antibunny

Secret Santa 2010 #2
Appears in Paonia Pawns

The ultimate space showdown.
Appears in Station V3

Halloween 2011
Appears in Forsaken Stars

Leif and various Christmases
Appears in Introvert Manifesto

A historical memorial.
Appears in Station V3

Staging a production of The Follies of Missus Wentworth.
Appears in Loud Era

A recursive clip-art Christmas.
Appears in Frighteningly Pretentious Comix

Niddle puts on his best moves.
Appears in Critters Online

Emmit's busy schedule.
Appears in Station V3

Halloween costume swap 2013 #1.
Appears in Loud Era

Halloween costume swap 2013 #2.
Appears in Inhumation

Merry Christmas from Zeta Reticulia
Appears in Rasputin Barxotka


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