Most of the following has been supplanted by my setting up a quick n' easy Patreon account for any fans out there who wish to pitch a couple of dollars my way, but for now I'll leave it up.

As ego-crushing as it is to admit, I simply don't have enough of a fanbase to make it worthwile to offer piles of merchandise, but being the resourceful fellow that he is, Izchak has nevertheless scrounged around in the back of his shop and come up with a few items that you can purchase to show your loyalty to the Mansion of E! IZCHAK OFFERING STUFF


This is a home-brewed CD, filled with an HTML-based archive of the first 700-odd MoE strips. It features a greatly improved in-site navigation system (you can follow your favorite character's adventures straight through!), a (fairly) complete and fully-illustrated character list, various voting rewards, and some lists of Highly Useful Information Which You Need To Know. Only $5.00! Whatta deal! (Note: If you live outside the North American continent, I'm still willing to mail you a copy of the CD, but I'm afraid the price will go up, due to extra postage fees. How much more depends on your more precise location, but I'll try to be reasonable. Drop me a line, and we'll thrash out the details.)

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: While you can look at the strips using any image-viewing program, to fully apprciate the Archive, you will need a fully up-to-date web-browser which can handle Cascading Style Sheets and Javascript codes. An active internet connection would be useful, but it is NOT a requirement. I created the disk using Firefox, but I tested it on a couple other browsers, and it seems to work fine.


Maybe not as high-tech, but still enjoyable. Tell me which one or two of my characters you'd like to have a signed "hard-copy" drawing of, and I'll do my best to oblige you and send off the results by snail-mail. You can say what you'd like to see the character(s) doing, but I hold final non-negotiable veto rights: nothing pornographic or in horrifically bad taste. Again, $5.00, subject to international postage rates. I'm willing to talk about something more elaborate, but every character you add will drive up the cost. So ask first, before expecting to see the entire cast performing the chorus for "Springtime For Kaylu". My "standard" picture is one of Rosemary in full-battle gear.


And for any donation less than $5.00, you get e-mailed to the address of your choice a fairly detailed map, or rather, a fairly detailed cross-section of of the more important parts of the Mansion's "Basement", the place where most of the strip's action has occured to date. Contains a few mild spoilers, if such things matter. It's never going to b 100% complete, but any future additions will hopefully be minor. I'm willing to send you a printed copy if you really want it, but then it moves up to catagory number 2, and costs $5.00.

Also, if you do up five full, proper, MoE strip-transcriptions via, I will send you the map for only the cost of your time. Note that you have to actually do the transcription. The transcription button can be found on any page back in the archive.

To pay for these, you can either send money/checks/money orders/fleebs to:

Any cash is sent at your own risk and expense.
If you send Fleebs, be sure and punch some airholes!

Or you can use this super-handy PayPal donation button. The default is the Archive disk, but you can use it for a drawing or map, or even just to make a no-strings-attached donation. If you go this route, be sure and e-mail me, and tell me what if anything you want, and to confirm your shipping/e-mail address!

Any questions, comments or concerns, my e-mail address is


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