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reverse chronological order, 2009-2006.
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DECEMBER 28, 2009

Hope everyone had a good time celebrating Light in the midst of Darkness. One more round-up on the Secret Santa front: Through Sheryl Schopfer's Web Comic Secret Santa Exchange, I got some art from Purenightshade of Children of the Tiger. Via the Comic Genesis swap (Organized by SergeXIII) I got art from Rob Lopez of Forsaken Stars.

I sent art to Some People's Children, (coincidentally) Forsaken Stars, and, in this year's emergency back-up role, Between Places by Tiffany M./Metruis. Thanks and you're welcome to everyone involved!

DECEMBER 20, 2009

It has been pointed out to me that Google now rates my backup site-host, Webcomicsnation, as a security risk. Complaints have been lodged with the WCN powers that be. If you visit over there, be sure you have all your virus-scanners and filters up and running.

DECEMBER 05, 2009

I was paging back through the Archives, and discovered I'd gotten a line of dialogue wrong on November 6th; put "Pales" when I ment "Sneeches". So, for the record, I went back and corrected it.

DECEMBER 03, 2009

The lastest Voting Reward is a map of the area that has recently been discussed in the strip.

NOVEMBER 14, 2009

While roaming around YouTube, I happened across the music videos produced by Sundaegirl2004. They were funny, and made me laugh. And the art makes my stuff look good!

NOVEMBER 03, 2009

I've signed up with another Webcomic Secret Santa exchange this year. If you've got an active webcomic, join in the fun!

OCTOBER 13, 2009

I've posted some spoilerish comments about "Mansionverse" time and calendars over on the Forum

OCTOBER 3, 2009

If there are any webcomicers out there who'd like to do a character-costume swap this year for Halloween, drop me a line.

OCTOBER 1, 2009

A new Voting Reward to celebrate the upcoming month.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2009

This week, Zeera the Space Pirate is celebrating what will probably be her last birthday. As always, I contributed some fan art. Thanks for eight years of laughs, Naomi!

SEPTEMBER 17, 2009

Over on the Forum, I posted a few thoughts on the current plotline.

AUGUST 27, 2009

I worked over the Links page, and made some more up-to-date link buttons for the MoE. Spread them far and wide!!

AUGUST 07, 2009

More font-fiddling. I've never been happy with the one that I was using with Fixits (the one-eyed hat-critters), so this sequence is in part a test of a new possibility.

JULY 14, 2009

Added Ploot and Voog the Wyrms to the Cast page. Urwyn, sadly, hasn't been around long to rate that privilege yet. And, in the most important Voting Reward of the year.. the readers have spoken, here it is, a sneak-peek at the new heroes of the entire strip!

JULY 06, 2009

Just for the record.. I don't have an official proofreader when I create these things, so I really do appreciate having spelling errors brought to my attention. Even if you find one while trolling around in the archives, please let me know!

JULY 01, 2009

Coming up on another birthday. If you've been dying to do fanart, now's your chance!

JUNE 18, 2009

I changed the title of the current "chapter", after our time with Urwyn the Wyrm began to run on a lot longer than I originally planned. (How? That never happens in this strip!!) We will be getting back to Rosemary and Sylvester before too much longer. I hope.

JUNE 13, 2009

I recently said on the Shoutbox that I don't play many computer games. It would actually be more accurate to say I don't pay for many computer games; as I believe I have mentioned before, I am a big fan of the freeware game Dwarf Fortress. For a Voting Reward, here's a one-off comic I did about it.

MAY 28, 2009

I added Skuy the Gnoll to the main Cast page.

MAY 18, 2009

As a Voting Reward, I've re-posted the map which (roughly) details Rhid/Sina's corner of the Basement. Remember, if you want to see a more extensive and detailed Basement map, you can chip in $2 via PayPal, and I'll e-mail you a copy.

MAY 16, 2009

For anyone who wants to know more about bim toggling, I posted a few comments over on the Forum. No real spoilers are included.

MAY 5, 2009

The Mansion got the money it needed and then some, and all of the immediate names have been sold; thanks to everyone who has donated! Donations will still be accepted of course, including buying future names, if you're willing to wait. To SS who lives in GP: I got your donation, but I'm not sure I got your correct e-mail address. Write to me at if you want what's coming to you.

As previously noted, donations can be made via the link below, although if you have any HTML scriptblockers in place, you may need to tell them it's OK to run:

In unrelated news, Station V3 is celebrating a birthday, and my guest strip ran today. Congrats to Tom T.

MAY 2, 2009

In reaction to good Shoutbox suggestions:
1.) I will of course take any donated amount, but due to Paypal fees, I up the map offer to $2. For that amount, I'll also display a message on a Basement wall for you. No real-world hatefulness, and the message will either be scrawed in "Manglish" or be an old Human stencil announcement, whichever I feel is more appropriate.
2.) Three "new" Gnoll characters have appeared recently, one female with long hair, one sardonic male with high hair, one nervous male with short blonde hair. I have placeholder names assigned to them, but since they haven't been given out yet in-strip. So, for $5 you name one however you want. Again, I withold the right to refuse names on the grounds of obscenity/offensiveness, and to alter the name if it's too real worldish/Human; ie "Steve" might become "Stiv". If you reply within twenty-four hours, there's also a small Wyrm who needs a name. First come first serve, although I'll plug in any extra names as soon as I can; there are lots of Basement folks we haven't met yet.

MAY 1, 2009

I know the money is tight for everyone these days, but it's time once again for my annual Official Fundraising Drive. I need $20 to pay my hosting fees for another year. Anyone who donates $1 $2 or more will receive a (more or less) complete map of the important parts of the Basement, as I currently envision them. For $5, I'll send you a CD archive of the first 700-odd strips, all done up in nifty HTML format with additonal notes, OR I'll draw you a picture of the character of your choice. For 10$, I'll add all the strips to date to the CD, although the extra ones will be in "raw" format, and you'll need some sort of image-viewing program to efficiently consume them. And I'll draw you a picture, if you want one. Whatta deal! As an additional incentive, if I get enough donations above and beyond $20, I'll look into getting a drawing tablet for my computer, which will hopefully help improve my art.

Donations can be made via the link below, although if you have any HTML scriptblockers in place, you may need to tell them it's OK to run:

APRIL 23, 2009

I finally got around to updating the Recap and Art pages.

APRIL 5, 2009

I added the "major" forest Nomes to the Cast page.

MARCH 31, 2009

The "DF" mentioned recently over on the Shoutbox is Dwarf Fortess, a freeware game to which I have become addicted lately. Which isn't surprising, since it involves the construction-from-scratch and oh-so-painful micromanagement of an elaborate underground fortress/economy manned by an ever-increasing horde of surly, ungrateful, alcoholic dwarves. The game has a VERY steep learning curve and no actual way to "win", but if you enjoy the world of the MoE, you might also enjoy beating your head against this new wall. You'll want to visit the semi-official wikisite early and often. Just remember: Losing Is Fun!

MARCH 19, 2009

Thanks to everyone for their support. In response to one comment, I'm aware this is Something Awful we are talking about, but the commentators in question didn't totally slag on MoE; that I actually would have shrugged off; I know the strip has positive qualities. It was more than one comment along the lines of "the strip seems interesting, but I can't get past the art". Giving myself a little more breathing room each week would maybe help with that, without destroying whatever makes the strip work. (You people really like it when I spend three weeks following bugs crawling around?) For now, daily updates will continue, but I'm definitely leaning towards a Monday-Friday schedule. Sigh. As I said to one correspondant, when I started all this, if only I'd seen what can be done with stick figures..

MARCH 18, 2009

From my visitor logs, I see that the MoE got another mention over on the forums of Something Awful. Rather depressing comments about my artistic ability, but fair enough, and they just crystalized my own feelings. Something has to change here; what, exactly, I'm not sure, but by far the most likely is that I'm going to have to give up on the daily updates. I have to crank the strips out so fast, I take lots of crappy shortcuts with my art. (I'm not a great artist, but I -can- do better if I put my mind to it..) After I finally wrap up this endless "in-universe" day, I suspect I will at least switch to five days a week, or possibly even just three, and to stick far more closely to the activities of Rosemary, Sylvester and Mortimer. There might also be a major shift in art-style. Time will tell, and thanks as always to my steady fan-base which has stuck with me all these years.

MARCH 06, 2009

2000. I'd celebrate, but after drawing that many strips, the excitement would probably kill me.

MARCH 02, 2009

In honor of their recent appearence, Amos and Nellie have officially been added to the Cast page.

FEBRUARY 19, 2009

Random link announcements: I'm glad to see that my fellow ComicGenner Alternate Delusions has started updating again. Also, check out Mr. Dolan's site if you're looking for one or two new webcomics to read...

FEBRUARY 3, 2009

Over on the Forum, there was a request to see an uncluttered view of the sign posted in the Elevator. I've posted the current version as a Voting Reward.

JANUARY 13, 2009

I got a recommendation for another shoutbox to try; we'll see how it goes. If Oggix ever gets its act together, I may even go back to them. NOTE: With my copy of Firefox with AdBlock and NoScript installed, I had to empty out my browser-cache before the new shoutbox displayed properly. Worked OK with Opera.

JANUARY 11, 2009

As you probably have noticed, the Oggix shoutbox is in the process of imploding. If it doesn't show signs of improvement, I'll try and find something new. In unrelated news, I've finally gotten around to updating Rosemary and Sylvester's cast pictures.

JANUARY 06, 2009

A belated happy new year. I finally got the Oh No Robot transcription service more-or-less working again; if you click on the provided button back in the archives, you can type up a transcript of that day's MoE comic. Unfortunately, while the 400+ MoE transcriptions that were previously done are still in the ONR database, are still searchable and still lead to the appropriate comic, they no longer "register" here at, and thus all comics are listed as needing transcription. I will of course take anything I can get, but if you want to avoid duplicated effort, you will need to enter the date of your chosen comic (ie: "July 17 2003") into the provided search box to see if it has already been done. (All of this is because ComicGenesis forcibly changed my "official" address from "" to "")

In other exciting news, two months from now I'll reach 2000 strips. I was vaguely considering attempting to end this far-too-long day's action at that point, but I see now it's just not going to happen. Still, we're actually closer to that end than the beginning.

DECEMBER 28, 2008

My other Secret Santa art-swap this year was with some of my fellow Comic Genesis users; thanks again to Tim Volpe of Alternate Delusions for today's "extra" SubShaft 44f strip. Back to the normal hijinks next week.

DECEMBER 25, 2008

Merry Christmas, and thanks again to Marko Fithian of Roomies for the Secret Santa art. My assignment in turn was the German superhero photocomic Union of Heroes/Union der Helden. So, also, (I think) Fröhliche Weihnachten to anyone stopping by from there!

DECEMBER 18, 2008

A small milestone for the MoE: one of my characters has appeared in another webcomic without (as far as I know) any prompting on my part: Rosemary has made a brief cameo in the Comic Genesis strip Flying High and Low, by Ana I. G., who is obviously an individual of taste and refinement.

DECEMBER 12, 2008

Checking my hit-counter report, I see that a bunch of folks are passing through in response to a posting over on the Something Awful forums. Thanks for visiting, and, in my defense, yes, there are 1900 strips and the plot is glacially slow, but there is a plot recap page you can read...

DECEMBER 10, 2008

A couple of Oggix shout-box notes. Yes, I am aware that the spam messages over there are annoying, and I do try and prune them out. Since the shoutbox is the only place I get any sort of regular feedback, I'm willing to put up with it. Also, if anyone noticed, awhile back about a month's worth of comments disappeared. This was a technical glitch, and not anything that I did.

NOVEMBER 18, 2008

Next door on the shoutbox it was pointed out to me that I screwed up a plot-point in regards to the contents of Rosemary's Poke Kit, so I have posted a new version of today's comic, with one panel altered. There's also been a complaint that the new guy's font is too hard to read, so I tried something different. Let me know if it's any better.

NOVEMBER 17, 2008

Over on the Forum, a visitor asked questions about MoE current events. I gave some answers/spoilers, so either check it out or avoid it, whichever you prefer.

NOVEMBER 01, 2008

It looks like we've been getting lots of visitors from Squid Ninja thanks to the costume-swap, so welcome to anyone who decides to stick around. As I said before, SN's a great strip with a certain degree of similiarity to the MoE, so go check it out if you haven't already done so.

OCTOBER 21, 2008

For those wondering about Alloy and the Infernal Engine, here's a Voting Reward which is the latest version of the map of "Mansionland". As for the Basement, if you want a (more) accurate map/cross-section of that, you're gonna have to shell out a dollar (or more) via PayPal, and I'll e-mail you a copy.

OCTOBER 02, 2008

Halloween is fast approaching. If anyone out there also does a webcomic and would like to swap characters-dressed-up-as-the-other-person's-characters pics (see example here) drop me a line.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2008

My fellow CGer Zeera the Space Pirate reached her seventh birthday, so I sent my usual piece of fan-art. Congrats as always to NoemZ.

SEPTEMBER 05, 2008

Been a long time since I did a Voting Reward, so here's a quick drawing of Sylvester's great-great-uncle Hindenburgh the Wizard, along with a currently nameless Witch. Also, since the strip has touched recently on the subject of hats, here's an otherwise unrelated photo I found while web-browsing: Witness, if you dare, what is quite possibly The Worst Hat Ever. Supposedly sane Real World Adults seriously offer this object for sale.

AUGUST 22, 2008

I finally broke down and shelled out some money for advertising the MoE; I bought a month's worth of occasional exposure over on The Webcomics List. I did it mostly because I appreciate the service that site provides, but if anyone actually followed the link here, welcome! And thanks again to folks who bought MoE Archive CDs recently, which helped pay for this.

I also have a new offer; I've drawn up a fairly detailed map of a large swath of the Basement; minor details will keep changing, but it's as close to official as I can currently get. If you go over to the Store page and shoot me $1.00 or more via the PayPal link, I'll e-mail you a copy. If you want a pen-and-ink copy, I'll do it, but it'll cost you $5.00, as any other drawing would.

And anyone who's voted recently will have noted the pictures aren't working. My personl website where I host them is currently offline; I am making efforts to correct this situation.

AUGUST 3, 2008

I realized too late that I contradicted myself last week re: effects of the River on various species, so I went back and truncated one line of dialogue in the July 31st strip. Additionally, if anyone is pouring over the strip for subtle details, I also forgot to include the Observer's body-markings the last few days. It was a mistake, and not a plot-point.

JULY 17, 2008

Forgot to mention that yesterday was the MoE's fifth birthday. Thanks to everyone who's hung around this long.

JULY 15, 2008

In reply to a comment about the July 13th strip.. The voice in the last panel is not Crud, but is coming from the thing that landed on him. (Note the square dialogue box..) The font being used is called "Dusharnbi", which is (supposedly) based on the written alphabet used in Sri Lanka. However, as is (nearly) always the case with the fonts I use, I chose it because of the way it looks, not its real-life origins. There are no Sri Lankans living in or under the Mansion of E.

JULY 2, 2008

Voting Reward: Following Louch and Scrof's conversation, here's the latest version of the Forest map. As always, many of the smaller details are subject to change as the plot advances and new ideas occur to me.

JUNE 25, 2008

Sorry for the late update today; I ran into some internet problems which hopefully have been sorted out.

JUNE 20, 2008

I decided I needed to make a more definitive list of MoE characters for my notes, so I counted them up. Seems there have been about 300 characters with a name and/or at least one line of dialogue, more if you include all the dead folks. On an unrelated note, if you're looking for more comic goodness, I updated the links page.

MAY 23, 2008

Today's comic provoked a flurry of interest! So, as a Voting Reward, here's a repost of the national map. And yes, 1. The names of many of these Provinces were inspired by more famous fictional countries, and 2. yes, each is run by a Governator, although, as far as I am aware, none of these individuals speak with Austrian accents.

MAY 10, 2008

Station V3 celebrated its fifth birthday this week, so I beamed up my usual contribution of fan-art. Congrats to Tom for five great years! (My strip refers to character who has only appeared once so far..)

APRIL 30, 2008

The old "Fanstasy Webcomic Dropdown" I belonged to has been abandoned, so ComicGenner phact0rri has set up a new one to take its place. "Fantasia" can now be seen down below and to the right. If you have a fantasy webcomic and want to join, head on over to this page in the ComicGen forums.


APRIL 26, 2008

Ben Gordon, who dwells in a Psychedelic Treehouse, is engaged in various web-comic-related activities, including the collecting and displaying web-comic logos. He's right; it's interesting to see what various people put at the tops of their pages. He asked to add the MoE, and I said yes. (Mine's on page 9 if you really need to see it again.)
Also, Jon Day, who created for me a couple of pieces of robot-themed guest art a week or two back, now has his comic Esthar Gate up and running. Check it out.

APRIL 7, 2008

I've posted some background info and a cheat-sheet on the Ichyoid font/language over on the Forum, for anyone who is interested.

MARCH 21, 2008

Added the SubShaft 44f guys to the Cast page.

MARCH 15, 2008

As a Voting Reward, here is a repost of a map of another piece of the Basement. As for Speedy the Jibjib.. I'm never sure how big of plot spoilers to issue, so I'll just say that yes, he made it back intact, and add that "back" is a word that can cover a lot of territory. Also, as an example of how some parts of the overall MoE plot are fixed and others are flexible, I haven't currently decided exactly when Speedy did all this; it may have been a month ago, or he may have gone on to die peacefully at a ripe old age..

MARCH 13, 2008

I received a question from a visitor which indicated that I haven't made the current geography as clear as I might want. So, here's a Voting Reward which is my current map of one of the more important swaths of the Basement.

FEBRUARY 26, 2008

"Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws. The Hingefreel people of Arkintoofle Minor did try to build spaceships that were powered by bad news but they didn't work particularly well and were so extremely unwelcome whenever they arrived anywhere that there wasn't really any point in being there."
--Douglas Adams

FEBRUARY 20, 2008

Thanks again for the character suggestions. Some of them I will oblige in the next few days, but plot concerns dictate that I avoid others for now. One person asked for more information about Audra the Earl. I'm afraid that now is not the time to launch into yet another of my endless digressions, but I do promise when Rosemary will eventually hear all about Audra, and when she does, you will too. As a small consolation, here's a Voting Reward which shows what Audra looked like, or at least my current version thereof. (Yes, it's been established in the strip that Rosemary is wearing one of Audra's helmets.) Also, here's a repost of an old portrait of Audra's only son...

FEBRUARY 18, 2008

Feeling much better, so I plow on. Is there any character you'd like to get an update on, before we return back to Rosemary and Sylvester?

FEBRUARY 16, 2008

My strip buffer is empty and I think I've coming down with a bug. So, the Mansion may go dark for a few days. My apologies to everyone.

JANUARY 8, 2008

Over on the Forum, a reader asked some questions about the mechanics of putting the strip together. If the subject is of interest to anyone, I've posted a reply. As a companion to that, here's a Voting Reward which shows how the Mansion looks before being desaturated of color/magic. And, on an unrelated note, I've officially added links down there on the right going to The Belfry and Piperka, webcomic-listing sites which regularly direct visitors my way. If you're looking for more comics to read, check 'em both out.

DECEMBER 24, 2007

Merry Christmas, more or less. In unrelated news, the backup site is working, but as you can probably see, the Oggix shoutbox is now having problems. If you really need to say something, there's always the Forum.

DECEMBER 17, 2007

Ironically, perhaps, my backup site is having technical problems, and there may be no updates there for a while.

NOVEMBER 28, 2007

Voting Rewards: A couple of maps, first of the forest around the Mansion (revised and updated yet again) and an all-new depiction of the MoE's home province, Audravania. As always, the comic's plotline changes the maps, not the other way around, but they're about 70% truthworthy..

NOVEMBER 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans. According to my hit counters, I've had a massive inrush of visitors from Stumbleupon these last couple of days. Welcome to anyone who arrived via that route/offered a review, and thanks to anyone that dares to stick around. Also, now that we've seen more Hax-critters, I need to finally come up with a name for the species. Anyone got any suggestions?

NOVEMBER 7, 2007

I added the three Basement VIPs to the cast page.

OCTOBER 29, 2007

One of my favorite websites these days is TV Tropes, an exhaustive Wiki-list of plot and charcter concepts used in popular culture. So it was one of my happier moments recently to learn that the MoE has been listed as an example of one trope in the webcomics section. Thanx to whatever TVT editor included me.

OCTOBER 13, 2007

Someone out there evidently plugged me into the StumbleUpon network, and a bunch of hits came in. So I added a link back. Thanx, and again welcome to any newcomers.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2007

Plugging a couple of sites which regularly send a lot of visitor-traffic my way: The Belfry and Piperka, which both attempt to catalogue and list large amounts of webcomics. And hello from everyone who wandered in while waiting for Thespiphobia to update.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2007

My fellow CGer Zeera the Space Pirate reached her sixth birthday, so I sent my usual piece of fan-art. Congrats as always to NoemZ.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2007

After a long dry spell, here's a Voting Reward: a last farewell to summer. This started life a few years back as my contribution to a then-Keenspace event; what you see here is colorized and somewhat-updated.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2007

Greetings to anyone coming from Brian Roney's review of the MoE, and thanks to Mr. Roney for writing it.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2007

Public thanks to the dedicated fan who wrote up all the SubShaft 44f transcripts over on Oh No Robot. Also thanks, despite the utterly gratuitous profanity, to Tom for the fan-art on the forum.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2007

I'm informed that Station V3 has its hosting problems worked out. On a slightly related note... another of my favorite non-MoE webcomics is Phil Foglio's Girl Genius. It's a steampunk adventure set in a gloriously detailed alternate Europe and stars Agatha Clay, a heroine who is.. well, Rosemary, sorta kinda, if at an early age she had picked up a screwdriver instead of a sword. The strip as a whole is what the MoE would be, if I had drawing talent and patience and all that kind of stuff. Now seemed like a good time to mention GG, as Archangel (sort of) recently reviewed it over on his site, while in the strip itself, Agatha is about to confront Castle Heterodyne, a structure which appears to share more than a few similarities with the Mansion of E. Go check it out! Do it now!


Any fans of Station V3 out there, the creator is having problems with his hosting company, and hopes to be back online as soon as possible.

AUGUST 29, 2007

I couldn't think of any fan-art to send this year, but happy birthday to Legostar Galactica; five years of Lego-based space parodies! On an unrelated note, you should now see RSS buttons here and there about this page.

AUGUST 20, 2007

I desperately need to build up a buffer of strips before disaster strikes, so for the next few days, you get sorta half a strip a day. Half now is better than nothing later..

AUGUST 10, 2007

OK, here's a couple of RSS feeds to try. Lemme know if either of them work for you, and if either works better than the other. The first is from, the second is ComicGen's "in house" feed. RSS ONE. RSS TWO.

As for ComicGen's updating problems.. the comics are going up every day, but often hours late. I have no control over this, it's an automated system. Also be aware that sometimes the comic gets uploaded but you need to click your browser's "refresh" button to get it actually loaded onto your screen. Webcomicsnation appears to be working correctly.

AUGUST 3, 2007

I've officially switched "" back to this page. I will continue to update the webcomicsnation backup site. Note that if you're into using RSS feeds, the WCN site has one. I'm seeing about getting one installed here, but I don't know what I'm doing and it may take a while.

JULY 17, 2007

A day late, but happy birthday to me. With ComicGen's ongoing server problems, I'm glad I didn't try to organize any celebration; maybe next year. We begin Part Four this week; in answer to a Tagboard query.. I do have an overall plot worked out, with an ending and everyting, but at this point I don't have a clue how many Parts there will be when/if I reach that end.

JULY 7, 2007

So, I reached 1400 strips. Only 100 more and I catch Station V3! And, on the 16th, I will reach my four-year anniversary, which makes me.. a dinosaur, or something, in webcomic terms. Around that time, I plan to wrap up the current Comshaw & Co. run, and return to Rosemary & Co., hopefully for an extended stay. It's long past time to move things forward.

JULY 4, 2007

In today's strip, the object on the left is the Pales' "Camp". As a Voting Reward, here is a repost of my current vision of the place.

JULY 1, 2007

Tagboard regular ArchangelIM127 runs a spiffy webcomic review site over at Livejournal. If you're looking for some more webcomics to read, or have some suggestions for worthy stuff to review, check it out! (And yes, he's already done the MoE, so there's no need to suggest it..)

JUNE 29, 2007

Voting Reward: a reposting of an updated and somewhat more accurate map of the forest.

JUNE 26, 2007

As noted above, ComicGen is bringing a new server online this week which will hopefully end the recent blackouts of service. While the switchover is happening, there may be further confusion. If something truly bad happens, check in at for updates.

JUNE 17, 2007

The recent Troubles have killed most of my enthusiasm for voting rewards, but since it is The Day, and an actual working father has finally appeared in the strip, Happy Father's Day.
And on a completely unrelated note, I rediscovered this week a game from my misspent youth: Telengard, an early kill-the-dungeon-monsters game. A man named Travis Baldree, who clearly has too much time on his hands, ported it to Windows. While playing Mr. Baldree's version, I was surprised to relearn that Gnolls in the game are gray, snouted creatures who carry sticks. (Vote to see a pic.) I had absolutely no conscious memory of this when I first had Comshaw meet Rosemary and Sylvester, but I must have been thinking about it at some level. The inspiration just bubbles up, and you use it however you can...

JUNE 12, 2007

For whatever it's worth, I'm officially back; again, ComicGen remains deeply unreliable, and using "" is your best bet for getting your daily fix. In regards to the Woman of Mystery's dialogue here.. don't strain yourself too hard trying to figure out what she's saying, because even I'm not sure; I know who she's talking to and roughly what's being said, but I don't remember now the exact words. And calling the Operator a leet haxxor is not all that far off the mark..

JUNE 2, 2007

Starting tomorrow, I will be away from my computer for several days. I've got enough strips in the hopper to cover this, but if ComicGen continues to act up, I won't be around to manually shove through updates. If you need your daily fix, the Webcomicsnation backup seems to be working fine. Behave yourselves while I'm gone.

MAY 30, 2007

ComicGen continues to have problems; the last few days I have had to manually update the strip every morning when I get up. So, if you're an early riser.. either check back later in the day, or go to the Webcomicsnation backup site.

MAY 24, 2007

Since one of the ComicGen admins is making worrying comments about possible future events over on the CG forums, I've set up an emergency bare-bones backup site for the MoE at Webcomicsnation. (I chose it out of the three possibilities offered because the name was the least obnoxious. "Smack Jeeves"?)I will not be transferring the entire site there, because it would mean re-loading 1300 comics one-by-one via the WWW. (Instead of in batches via FTP, which CG lets me do..) Still, if you want it, here it is.

MAY 22, 2007

Comic Genesis appears to have its latest tech breakdown sorted out, for now. I realize that these stoppages are frustrating, but I really don't want to move from CG unless I absolutely must. 90% of the time, they do a good job keeping things running, plus it's free, and easy for me to use; I just dump the daily comic files in a particular directory and everything happens automagically. Still, remember that the address WWW.MANSIONOFE.COM is owned (or at least controlled) by me, and not CG, and so if there's a truly serious stoppage, check in at that address, which I will attempt to redirect to a new location.
On the voting reward front, I've uploaded two sketches, one each of a type of critter who has not yet appeared on-screen in the MoE, but who has cast long shadows in the Mansionverse's history. I'm even not going to say what they are, but I suspect that you all can figure out what one of them is at least. Please note that these are still preliminary ideas, and the final official in-strip version(s) will probably look rather different.

MAY 12, 2007

A couple of.. semi-new.. voting rewards. First, an updated map of the elevator area: in addition to featuring the latest info, it also includes a room I added after looking back through the archives, and realizing that it was the only logical place that said room could be located... And secondly, my reposted Mother's Day pic, featuring the only mother to appear so far in the strip along with one of her offspring.

MAY 9, 2007

In addition to those still coming from The Ferrett's place, I appear to be getting a lot of visitors from the forums. If something of mine was actually posted there.. all I can say is.. see how awful my strip is? See the crudity of line, the obviousness of plot? Clearly, it's worthy of a big splashy front-page SA review!

MAY 6, 2007

Station V3 reaches four years old this week; as always, I beamed over a guest strip to help celebrate. Congrats, Tom!

MAY 5, 2007

If, while waiting for my next thrilling update, you crave more webcomics to read, I've added a couple of "new" ones to my Links page. Also, I wanted to once again promote the on-going efforts of this site, which attempts to exhaustively catalogue all webcomic-character "crossover" events. It's also the hub (or chronicler or something) of the current "Crossover Wars", a massive ongoing spectacle involving a whole bunch of webcomics invading/defending each others' universes. I'm of two minds on this; it is certainly an impressive and creative feat of organization, but some of my favorite webcomics are involved, and I find myself wishing they would just get on with their own plotlines. (Yeah, yeah, pot, meet kettle..) The MoE is not involved in this event and if I had been asked to participate, I probably would have said no, for that reason. (For now..) There is one exception; if any visitor would be interested in doing a quick n' easy artswap or crossover involving the three poor suckers in SubShaft 44f, drop me a line.

And on a completely unrelated note, the MoE just got a flattering (and thoughtful) review from "The Ferrett", who does such things on his LiveJournal page. (My only complaint would be, it was the Nome War, not the Troll War. No trolls in the Mansion. Yet.) Check it out as well, and welcome to those who found their way here from there.

APRIL 28, 2007

As you've probably noted, the shoutbox is working again. For the moment. In other minor news, I've once again officially "rearranged" the archives, in the sense that I've broken up the plot dropdown (that white box-thing under the word PRIOR above) into some new/renamed Parts. Part One: The Pots Room. Part Two: Time and Space and Fleebs. Part Three: The Widening Gyre, which is just about done. Starting soonish is Part 4, in which I hope to focus more closely (but no, not exclusively) on Rosemary, Sylvester and Mortimer (and Comshaw..) No actual archive-strips have been added or removed or changed.

APRIL 24, 2007

The shoutbox posting process appears to be broken at the moment, at least for me. We'll see if it gets better or not. In the meantime, I've posted some Chauncy & Edgar thoughts on the forum.

APRIL 12, 2007

Newspaper cartoonist Johnny Hart passed away this last week. In his later years he sadly Got Religion in just about the worst possible way, but back in the day he was one of the greats. In honor of one of his more famous strips, and my getting my ISP problems sorted out, here's a voting reward for him. Thanks, Mr. Hart, and I hope you got where you were planning to go.

APRIL 5, 2007

ComicGenesis has been on the fritz for the last few days; if you're reading this, it means that regular updates have (hopefully) resumed, or are at least trickling through occasionally. I would post my daily updates under my own power, but my ISP is also screwed up and currently unaccessable via WWW. (Which means that the voting reward pictures are also off-line at the moment.)

MARCH 24, 2007

A couple of reposted voting rewards. First, a reminder about who's inside that bottle in today's strip. And secondly, a rough map of the Elevator area.

MARCH 10, 2007

As noted before, I've been skipping the extras lately, but since it was requested.. here's a voting reward showing how I currently picture Hesper the metalworker; if/when he finally appears officially in the strip, he may look rather different. (Decide for yourself what his outfit means..) And another reward features Izchak; it's a guest toon I did three years back for the ComicGen strip Beyond Reality by Orion Gates. It's not canon with the main MoE plotline, but Izchak is being himself in it. The characters of Orion and Laura are of course copyright Mr. Gates.

FEBRUARY 15, 2007

My computer did an abrupt 180, and started working flawlessly again (#$%ing Windows software..) while CG got its problems sorted out as well. So I did a real strip. Still, I have to assume the thing's going die sooner rather than later. The cast list pics are now my emergency buffer; when they start to appear, you'll know that something has indeed gone wrong.

FEBRUARY 14, 2007

I've been riding the ragged edge of disaster in terms of updates for some time now, and I'm finally going to fall off: my computer appears to be dying (and ComicGenesis appears to be having problems as well..) Unless my machine shows immediate signs of improvement, it's going to have to go in for repairs. Since anything is better than dead air, starting (probably) tomorrow, you all get filler which is made up of selections from the moderately complete cast list mentioned in the last posting. I hopefully won't have to go through the entire collection, and can resume regular posting in a few days. Thanks for your patience, and see you when I see you..

FEBRUARY 11, 2007

For those who keep track of such things, I decided that Hopobefever the Ghast had appeared often enough that she deserved to be added to the Cast page. (If you shell out the $5 for a MoE CD, you can have a much more complete listing of strip-inhabitants. What are you waiting for? All the cool people are doing it!)

JANUARY 27, 2007

Way back in December I volunteered as an emergency back-up at the Tao of Geek Secret Santa swap. The poor sucker who got stiffed and then stuck with me was Kirstan Norris, who draws NSTA, which is a well-done action strip about the titular future-state intelligence agency, which is manned by amped-up cyborgs who still manage to be quite human and falable. Check it out!

On a mostly unrelated note, thanks to these sites who were nice enough to link to the MoE without any provocation: Mat Hat Comics, Shadow Dragon Executive Force and Hysterical Ramblings.

JANUARY 20, 2007

Re: the great Ichyoid-dialogue font discussion.. Yes, it's Elder Futhark, or rather, a pre-made font I snagged off a "Free Fonts" website which substitutes (something resembling) an EF symbol for each letter of the English alphabet. I used it simply because it looked nicely ancient and alien, while also being almost-readable even by "non-professional" geeks; compare with the font I used for this Legostar Galactica gueststrip. Neither the EF font's real-life European origins nor its use by Tolkien should be taken as any sort of clue or plot-point. As for its original 2004 appearance being upside-down.. fanwank: It's the day that changes everything! real reason: Flipping, I belatedly discovered, is what happens when you type in EF while using CAPITAL LETTERS. I'll stick with the lower-case version from now on.

JANUARY 19, 2007

I reposted yesterday's strip, after tweaking the sizes of some of the characters. (There are advantages to doing an all-digital strip..) Lately, I've had enough trouble keeping the strip updated without doing any voting rewards, but here's a rough map of the area around the Elevator.

JANUARY 1, 2007

Happy New Year. After today's secret santa art, there'll be a couple-three more days of Snerk and Frowgler, then back underground. Also, if anyone's been missing them (or rejoicing in their absence), the Sunday "Subshaft 44f" strips will resume; in the holiday rush I simply forgot about them the last couple of weeks.

DECEMBER 26, 2006

For everyone who hasn't succumbed to eggnog poisoning, and are still in the Christmas spirit, please consider going back into the archives and typing up a couple of daily transcriptions via It only takes a few minutes, and on occasion it really does help me to have a easily-searchable dialogue archive.

DECEMBER 25, 2006

Merry Christmas for those who celebrate such things; thanks again to Andrey Pissantchev of Annihilicious for the Secret Santa art. After today, a couple more strips will wrap up the current story-arc. A short but moderately important forest interlude will take us to New Years, and with the dawn of 2007 AD we go back, finally, to Rosemary and Co.

DECEMBER 21, 2006

Voting Reward: My preliminary stab at a map of the forest around the MoE, or at least the parts which have been visited to date "on screen". Mostly; there's some new stuff as well. Please note that when I first starting drawing the strip, I didn't worry too much.. or at all.. about maintaining geographic precision. So, this is my best effort at retconning things into position. No doubt in some scenes, according to this map, the Mansion and/or the sun and/or the Spike appear in the background where they shouldn't. If it bothers you, just consider what the multi-layered twistpoint-laden Basement looks like, and remember: a wizard did it.

DECEMBER 17, 2006

As you've probably noted, the Tagboard isn't working. If you've really got something to say, there's always the Forum. Also, I've added a link above to the Comic Genesis "Wikipedia" article for the MoE; it gives you a quick overview of the strip, if you need one.

DECEMBER 16, 2006

Voting Reward: Version 2.0 of the Map of the Country. Still not close to 100% official, but it looks a little prettier.

DECEMBER 13, 2006

Voting Reward: The color version of the Rosemary/Aunt Eva pic I posted a while back.

DECEMBER 12, 2006

Voting Reward: A repost of a "non-canon" strip I did some time back about Roshambo the Warrior Beetle.

DECEMBER 7, 2006

My fellow ComicGenner Kat Lowery does a strip called "Distant Eras", in which a brother and sister are magically transported from a.. distant era.. to the modern day, resulting in numerous complications. She reached 100 strips recently, so I sent her some fan-art. Check it out.

NOVEMBER 23, 2006

Voting Reward: I've posted a rough, somewhat preliminary, map of the country where all of the MoE action takes place, and labelled the Provinces which have been mentioned to date, however fleetingly and obscurely in some cases. One of them will be mentioned for the first time on the 24th, so it's also a Sneak Preview! (And yes, more than one of the Province names is a homage to other fictional worlds. How many can you identify?)

NOVEMBER 6, 2006

I went back and added a couple of links to recent strips, if you don't remember who Lenore and Quincy are. And in a Voting Reward, here's what I originally pictured Sylvester and Mortimer's other siblings as looking like. If/when they finally appear officially in the comic, there will be some changes. You can decide for yourself who's who..

NOVEMBER 1, 2006

Looking back over my recent strips, I've belatedly realized that my drawing program has been bleaching out and/or pixelizing details when I save my strips as .gif files for uploading to ComicGen. (I think it's a side-effect of my adding more color to the strips..) So I have replaced the last and next couple days worth with .png copies, which take a bit longer to load, but look much better. If this change causes problems in viewing the strips, please let me know. I'm also trying out the new shoutbox that was recommended to me. We'll see if it works any better.

OCTOBER 23, 2006

Voting Reward: A better picture of the Pale Camp. Some details may be lost and/or added when the official version appears in the strip. (Which it will, sooner or later..)

OCTOBER 18, 2006

My fellow CGer NJ Huff, the artist behind Emergency Exit, has created a keen music video using tons and tons of shots from various ComicGen webtoons, including the MoE. (Although be aware it's a strip that I edited out of the "official" chronology..) You can watch the video here, and check out the lyrics and cameo list here. Congrats/thanks to NJ, and thanks also to the band "Aqua Full" who supplied the music, whether they wanted to or not!

OCTOBER 12, 2006

If any of you visitors produce your own webcomic, and would like to do some kind of "dress our characters as each other" art-swap for Halloween, drop me a line.

OCTOBER 3, 2006

My fellow CGer Zeera the Space Pirate reached her fifth birthday this month, so I sent some fan art which will be up for the next couple of days. Congrats to NoemZ.

OCTOBER 2, 2006

I see now that I probably made the 44f characters of Chunner and Crud too dark, causing unwanted confusion. I'll think about making some tweaks next week, but in the meantime, here's a voting reward which shows what they would look like after seven or eight baths, along with a semi-generic female Gnoll for comparison. (Do note that Gnolls can tell the sexes apart entirely by smell, which means that to them a individual's "visible" appearence isn't quite as important as it is among humans..)

SEPTEMBER 22, 2006

Voting Reward: A movie that won't be showing near you...

SEPTEMBER 11, 2006

I posted a note about this on the tagboard, but it appears The System ate it, so to repeat.. I posted some spoilers about Mortimer and the Nome War over on the forum.


Voting Reward: A clear shot of a couple of famous historical figures. Well, famous in some circles.


I felt surprisingly sad to hear about the passing of Steve "The Crocodile Hunter" Irwin. I knew he was in a dangerous line of work and something of a goof, but I guess somehow I expected him to live forever, or at worst die peacefully in bed at the age of 98. At least it wasn't a croc that got him. (As I read in the comments on another site, this is the last straw! When's someone going to do something about those Zarking sting rays!?) So, anyway, as a voting reward, he's my quick tribute to the man and his life.


A visitor tells me that they have been seeing "NO HOTLINKING" messages the last couple of days, instead of a comic. Is anyone else having this problem? (The message is only supposed to appear if you directly link to an image from outside the Comic Genesis system; it's intended to prevent people from using ComicGen storage space for non-comics.)

AUGUST 27, 2006

My offline life is about to get busy for a while, and I need to work on building up a buffer. So for the next few days, you get one-panel strips. Yes, it's actaully faster to do one big detailed panel than a series of smaller ones. As voting rewards, here are clearer pictures of the two new characters at the back of the line.

AUGUST 18, 2006

I posted some Talking Rock spoilers on the Forum. And for a voting reward, today's comic in color.

AUGUST 11, 2006

Fellow ComicGen artist Tim Volpe has been kind enough to dish out cameos in the current plotline of his comic Alternate Delusions. And so, in his August 10th strip, Telic the Helipath appears briefly as a trainee member of the Green Lantern Corps. Thanks to Tim for the best kind of cross-promotion: one where I don't have to do any work! (And read the rest of his comic, too, it's one of my favorites.)

JULY 25, 2006

Voting Reward: It's too hot.

JULY 24, 2006

Voting Reward: my profound political thought for the day.

JULY 21, 2006

I've just barely been able to keep up the daily flow of strips lately, so if the updates stop for a few days, try not to panic too hard. While waiting, you can always check out Sandwich World, which has started updating again this month. (Yay!)

JULY 17, 2006

Three years of doing this. As noted, woo hoo.

JULY 1, 2006

Voting Reward: A subtle reminder to all you readers to go back into the archives, and contribute to the Oh No Robot strip-transcription service.

JUNE 28, 2006

In a fine example of synchronicity, this week over at Legostar Galactica, Captain Smith is currently undergoing an Unpleasantness very similar to Sylvester's.

JUNE 18, 2006

Voting Reward: For Father's Day, click and see a small spoiler about which fellow in the strip is a father...

JUNE 13, 2006

I generally try to refrain from going back and editing my old work, but I forgot to add Protus's ghost images in his appearence on the 12th, so I redid and reloaded the strip.

JUNE 12, 2006

Voting Reward: today's strip in full color.

JUNE 10, 2006

OK.. it appears that any decent up-to-date webbrowser automatically blocks the Saybox advertising, so I'll keep using it for now. If you're seeing an ad pop up, it's time to upgrade! Firefox and Opera both have their adherents; try both and pick the one you like. If you insist on useing IE, don't come whining to me..

JUNE 9, 2006

If you didn't follow the link over in the Saybox, it says they are adding advertising. I'll see how obnoxious it is before deciding what to do.

JUNE 6, 2006

Voting Reward: My thought on the day.

MAY 28, 2006

And so back to work. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the 1000-strip fest, one way or another. As a voting reward, here's today's strip in full color.

MAY 20, 2006

1000 of them. Yay! Thanks to everyone who donated; I've paid my hosting costs for a couple of years, which is what I was hoping for. I'll take down the nag notice at the top of the screen soon, but the store will remain open, if anyone else ever wants a CD or a drawing. And thanks again to everyone who has been doing transcription duty, and to everyone who sent fan-art. The latter will begin running on Monday.

MAY 18, 2006

Voting Reward: Another teaser for a requested drawing, this time of a couple of the scalpsuckers who have appeared in the strip. Buy a hard copy of the picture and you can see the names I've given them. (This is sort of like naming a dog; a 'sucker might be bright enough to grasp that "this particular sound is intended to attract my attention", but they don't use the concept of names among themselves.)

MAY 14, 2006

Voting Reward: There haven't been many mothers appearing on-screen in the strip as yet, but in honor of the holiday, I scrounged one up.

MAY 10, 2006

Voting Reward: The Woman Of Mystery, then and now. Or is that now and then?

MAY 8, 2006

I contributed some guest art to Station V3's ongoing birthday celebration. It's up today, if you're interested. Congrats to Tom for another year!

MAY 2, 2006

Since a generous reader asked for it instead of a CD, I've added a new option to the store: for $5, I'll draw up your favorite of my characters and send you a signed hard copy. I have one of Rosemary done; as a voting reward, here's a teaser for it.

APRIL 28, 2006

Much thanks to those who have added to the transcripts. I do want to make it clear, though, that you don't have start at the beginning of the archive and work your way straight through. (I've been using the calendar page to randomly select and transcribe whatever strip pops up.) If anyone out there's got an all-time-favorite strip, do it up! Also, if you see that I've left a transcription open for further editing, that doesn't mean I didn't like your work, just that there's almost always more detail that can be added.

APRIL 26, 2006

Here's another way to contribute to the strip, and it'll only cost you a few minutes of your time.. If you go back to any page in the archive, you'll now see a button saying "transcribe this comic". Click on the button, and you can type in a transcription of the dialogue/action of the strip in question. Any and all transcriptions can then be searched via that new box at the bottom of this page. If enough of them get done, it makes finding a particular comic much easier. All of this is supplied by the fine folks at Oh No Robot, so thanks to them! (You can also go to their site and search all of the webcomics signed up with them.)

APRIL 25, 2006

As noted above, I'm approaching 1000 strips. As a celebration, for $5 I'm offering a CD archive of the first 750 or so MoE strips, with a few added features. Check out the details here. Or if you're a starving artist like myself, I'll post any fan-art I get for the occasion.

Also, I try to avoid getting into overt real-world politics here, but there's a nasty bill looming in the US House of Representatives that would allow telecommunication companies to dictate (via fees) what Internet content gets "priority" in terms of bandwith. The next step after that is flat-out deciding whether or not you get to access something. If you're an American citizen, and like reading (fairly) free cartoons, take a moment right now to contact your Congresscritter and tell them (politely) to stuff the idea.

APRIL 19, 2006

Voting Reward: A full-color version of today's strip.

APRIL 15, 2006

Voting Reward: After yesterday's mistake.. here's another full-color version of today's strip.

APRIL 9, 2006

Voting Reward: If you're curious about the reference to dead Bugs in today's strip, you can vote and see one, which, in a small spoiler, may look familiar. I'll be getting back to Rosemary and Co. before too much longer, but she's there too, if you're in serious withdrawal..

APRIL 3, 2006

Voting Reward: As the plot to date may have hinted, I have my reasons for not doing the strip in full color. Still, here's a chromatic version of today's strip.

APRIL 2, 2006

I've barely managed to keep the site updated, so there hasn't been much voting art lately. Still, here's a belated celebration of April Fool's Day. I suppose the Weirdo would have been more appropriate, but I figure if it's a woman, it might get more votes. Also, since the Webcomicslist voting page appears to be very dead, I'm removing the link for now.

MARCH 23, 2006

Around the end of May I'll reach 1000 strips. One thing I'm doing to mark the occasion is putting together a homebrewed CD archive of the first 850 or so strips, which I'll sell for a small fee. (If I sell just one of them, the strip will have paid for itself in regards to hosting fees! woot.) I'm setting up indexes based on strip number, character arc, chapter, etc, and including a (nearly) full character list. Now is your chance: is there anything you'd find helpful on such a disk?

MARCH 17, 2006

Voting Reward: In honor of the holiday, random leprechaunage.

MARCH 7, 2006

Voting Reward: A couple more MoE cast members. Not in their underwear, but you'll learn a new fact about them if you vote!

MARCH 2, 2006

Since it was sort of requested, here's a voting reward. Cuz all of the cool people are doing it, it's a MoE cast member wearing only his underwear. (Sorry, yes, "his".)

FEBRUARY 17, 2006

Voting Rewards: Sketches of Protus the Willygig, The Weirdo Who Lives In The Attic and A Weirdo Who Doesn't Appear In The Mansion Of E.

FEBRUARY 11, 2006

Voting Reward: I don't think much of Valentine's Day. It's a trumped-up excuse to peddle candy and flowers and jewelry. But still, love is love. So if you've got it, enjoy it.

FEBRUARY 7, 2006

For some (many?) of you, today's comic will be a semi-repeat. After Comic Genesis didn't automatically update yesterday, I finally forced a manual update late in the day, than promptly decided that for a varity of reasons, the strip for the 6th just wasn't acceptable. Since I'm guessing a lot of you didn't see it anyway, I bit the bullet and replaced it with what you see above. If your trust in me is shattered, I apologize, but it had to be done. As we approach 900 strips, I hope we can get back on track.

FEBRUARY 6, 2006

Voting Reward: I haven't had time do many of these recently, but I couldn't let the passing of one of the greats go by without some quick vampirage.

JANUARY 23, 2006

Voting Reward: Since it's never happened before, and will probably never happen again.. Yay!

JANUARY 13, 2006

Voting Reward: It's been pointed out to me that my characters spend far too much time in drab corridors; until I can maneuver the plot to more interesting locales, here are a couple of exhibits in the Mansion's Hall of Irreplaceable Abominations.

JANUARY 10, 2006

Voting Reward: As has been noticed, I've been experimenting with 'tinting' the strips, at least the ones set in the forest. I have.. reasons.. for not just going to full color, which in technical terms would be easy. Here's what a full-color version of a recent strip might have looked like. Comshaw's still gray because that's what color Gnolls are.

Also, since ComicGenesis has officially launched its snazzy new intro screen, I finally decided to edit the in-house "wiki" entry for the MoE, which is what visitors to the CG main page will see if they ask about my strip. Any suggestions what I should add to it?

JANUARY 7, 2006

Tom T. of Station V3 has set up an advertising-swap at his site, Comic Ostrich. Right now, it's just him and me, but hopefully some other webcomics will soon be added.

JANUARY 5, 2006

Voting Reward: A visitor suggested a shot of the alphabet used by the Basement-dwellers, so here it is, along with a full-color Helipath. If you want some more comments on the subject, I've made my monthly posting to the Forum.

JANUARY 4, 2006

Voting Reward: Since we have a couple in the audience, here's one for all the Nethack fans.

JANUARY 3, 2006

Voting Reward: Another species revamp, this time a Pale.

JANUARY 1, 2006

As noted, happy new year and all that. Back to real cartoons tomorrow, I hope. In the meantime, check out this site, in which you can find webcomic crossovers. Lots of webcomic crossovers.


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