Monday , December 5 , 2016

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Comic NOTE FOR DECEMBER 05, 2016

Since I evidently didn't make it clear.. while they aren't quite tycoons perhaps, Nimue's family owns more than one orchard.


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NOVEMBER 16, 2016

Continuing the discussion from the Feedback Box.. the members of the branch of Hack N' Slash under which Rosemary enlisted are the medieval equivalent of security guards. Yes, they are trained in the use of lethal (and non-lethal) force, and fully authorized to use it if they are threatened with a similar level of violence. But their primary function is protecting their client's property from being pilfered and/or the clients themselves from being bodily assaulted, and calling them "hired killers" is at best technically accurate. In fact, the contract under which she operated specifically said that she and her superior Baldy could not be ordered by their Caravan clients to kill anyone.
That said, yes, there are other less openly advertised branches of H&S which offer up people whose primary function is to kill people as directed by the client. Rosemary wasn't assigned to one of these, despite her sword-fighting talents, because it was clear she'd refuse to do it. Every sentient being she has killed to date has been actively threatening her life.
And again since it came up, the firm's name came from the nicknames of its two official founders. And yes, among many other things, they both worked as hired killers.

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